What's Alne like to live in? What are commutes to Harrogate?

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dottytoots Thu 24-May-12 15:55:44

Hi, just seen this. I live in Easingwold which is near to Alne. I used to commute to Harrogate from a village near Alne for 5 years. It takes about 45 minutes, depending on where in Harrogate you would need to be. I used to work on the outskirts so had no traffic queues to sit in. It wasnt a great drive in bad weather.

Alne-wise, the village is very quiet. One of my friends who now lives in Easingwold grew up there. There is a pub, a church, a playpark and sports field. There is a lovely village school.

I dont know if it has any active toddler groups or anything, but there are lots in Easingwold.

Is there a particular reason you singled Alne out? That might help me answer more specifically.

Heffylump Sun 18-Mar-12 18:22:27


We'll be moving to N. Yorks shortly to work in Harrogate. Will be renting for the first year and although we're particularly drawn to the Darley side of things, we want to consider all our options, including Alne...

Anyone commuting to Harrogate from that side? What's the traffic like? From what I've read online, the town itself seems to have a great community vibe - is that true?!

Ideally, we'd prefer to live in a small town/village. Any advice most appreciated :-)

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