What to do with a young family in York on Sunday (Mother's Day) afternoon?

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FourThousandHoles Fri 16-Mar-12 13:08:29

We're off to see the inlaws in York on Sunday, it's FIL's birthday and obv Mother's Day too.
Booked in somewhere for Sunday Lunch, not sure where but it'll probably be Acomb/Clifton Moor sort of area.

Any ideas of what we can do for a family afternoon out afterwards? We are 2xIL's, late 60's/early 70's but fit and well, DH & I, 2yo & 7yo DD's.

I'm thinking Farm Park sort of thing, but no idea where there is one in the area.

Thanks smile

bigpigeon Fri 16-Mar-12 16:13:24

Try the Farmers Cart which is not far from Clifton Moor. They have a nice restaurant/cafe there. Usually animals to see and also a large children's play are at "Piglets". Just google Farmers's Cart York and it comes up.

FourThousandHoles Fri 16-Mar-12 19:17:18

Thanks bigpigeon, but I've just had a look and the Piglets bit doesn't open until 31st March... shame, it would have been ideal.

bigpigeon Sat 17-Mar-12 08:25:01

Oh, sorry, forgot about it being shut over winter. Creepy Crawlies is good too, but the 2YO will be playing separate from the 7YO. Indoor - outdoor play areas with giant slide etc while the adults sit down and chat and have drinks/snacks. Otherwise, try walking the city wall. If it is a nice day it is a lovely walk and not too far, although if you rely on a pushchair still (as I do) all the steps will be a problem. River Cruises leave near Lendal bridge which is another nice way to spend time together or you might be able to hire a small motorised red boat (check seasons) and do your own cruise.

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