Recommend me a spa and hotel in York

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Zhx3 Tue 28-Feb-12 23:37:24

Hi there,
I'm planning a couple of days in York with my friend before I return to work from ML.

We'd like to do a spa break, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend - can be a day spa or a hotel with a spa, but any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Also, what activities or places should we definitely visit?

Thanks in advance.

Sam100 Tue 28-Feb-12 23:58:27

Cedar court hotel. Very near the station and town centre. It was lovely!

Sam100 Tue 28-Feb-12 23:59:13

Go to Betty's for lunch or afternoon tea!

cobwebthegrey Wed 29-Feb-12 00:00:01 not stayed here but have used the spa and it's fab, I had an amazing facial and massage there and would definitely go again.

Places to see, depends on what you are interested in. Loads to see historically, a visit to the Minster is well worth it. And wandering around that end of town you will come across loads of amazing little snickets (alleyways) which are worth an explore. The shambles is another must as is a stroll down by the river. if you have time and the weather is on your side then a walk around the Walls is also well worth it as is a visit to the museum Gardens, these are all just a stones throw from the hotel!

The shopping in York has improved hugely in the last couple of years, and if its your thing and you stayed at the Cedar Court you'd be very central for a shopping frenzy. You should go to Bettys for afternoon tea of for coffee and cake to recharge yourselves!

in the evening there are loads of very excellent restaurants, if you like steak then I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough, the food is sublime and the service is amazing. I went for a meal with a friend recently and the waitress slightly knocked her glass as she walked past... it didn't fall over, none of it spilt, but she came over with a completely new glass of wine and replaced it, even though the old one was almost empty...also we had cocked uo our booking but they squeezed us in anyway despite the fact they were madly busy, they are great!

Load sof other recommendations but it depends on what you like to eat and do!

Zhx3 Wed 29-Feb-12 12:47:30

Thanks all! Cedar Court came up on my Google search, they have a reasonable Sunday spa offer. I'm not really a shopper, but my friend is smile. We are both greedy foodies so I will definitely appreciate any more restaurant and cafe recommendations!

Tbh, I'd be happy with a couple of lie-INS grin.

Zhx3 Wed 29-Feb-12 12:48:14

No idea why ins got caps-locked blush...

cobwebthegrey Thu 01-Mar-12 20:09:53

Can't find you a link but if you like Thai then The Old Siam, which is on Mickelgate is very good...
if you want to go for a drink and are into international beer (which I know a lot of people aren't but it seems more and more women are!) then this place is fab they do food to but haven't eaten there (yet)

if you prefer wine bars they you'll find all the usual type of places in York, mainly congregated around the river near the beginning of Mickelgate.

Plunkets is great for Mexican off out tonight but will try and come back with more when I have more time! grin

DontWorryBeHappy1994 Fri 02-Mar-12 10:42:51

Middlethorpe hall is good

Zhx3 Mon 05-Mar-12 19:34:34

Oooh, Thai, Mexican, Argentinian.... So many meals, so little time grin.

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