Has anyone heard that Burnholme is closing?

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upatdawn Wed 22-Feb-12 23:03:46

I just caught a glimpse of the front page of the Press yesterday and saw this. It's a shame, obviously it wasn't competing well with other local schools but it's still sad it's closing. Does anyone know what the arrangements are for transfering pupils? Last time I checked I was under the impression most schools were over subscribed so where will extra pupils fit in?

QED Wed 22-Feb-12 23:15:08

I saw about it in the York Press - there are plans for transfer of the pupils but can't remember quite how they were organised. I think there are only 47 pupils in the current year 7 and I suppose that isn't really sustainable long term.

The article I saw is here - seems that there are a lot more student houses in Tang Hall and Burnholme and so falling numbers for the school. There won't be any new pupils in this September and the current year 8 will move to other schools in Sept 2013 and current year 7 in Sept 2014. The current year 9,10,11 will stay at the school until it closes in 2014.

upatdawn Wed 22-Feb-12 23:25:46

This makes me feel awful as Burnholme is our catchment school by my DC go elswhere. I think out of DD's primary year only a handful went on to Burnholme and the majority found other schools.

2ombie5layer Sat 25-Feb-12 16:42:14

I read today that they need another 30 children to go this coming sept to stay open. They are going to Huntington and Arch Bishops or so I believe.

<wonders where upatdawn lives as I too live close by>

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