New Montessori Pre School in York

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loumumagain Mon 13-Feb-12 21:01:34

Just wanted to post about a fantastic new Montessori that's just opened at Clifton Moor. My DD started there a couple of weeks ago and as a Montessori teacher myself I can really vouch for the fact that has the perfect combination of authentic Montessori ethos and lots of warmth. My other 4 children didn't go to Montessori school as I was unable to find one that had this combination that's makes it a loving fun and inspiring environment. But even though this is a new one (It's run by incredibly experienced teachers) it so obviously going to be fantastic. Just thought I'd let you all know as its not very well advertised at the moment but there are spaces. If you have any questions I can either answer myself or I can pass on the details for the school.

mungojerrie Wed 15-Feb-12 19:06:49

Do you have a link or the name of the pre-school?

loumumagain Mon 20-Feb-12 23:22:59

The web site for the school is There isn't too much info on it yet, but does have contact details. The best thing you could do is go and have a look at it.

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