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sbt2 Sun 11-Sep-11 17:02:36


I am looking to move up with my two kids and husband but am unsure where to go to. We are from the midlands and wanting a nicer place for our kids to grow up. I like to take them to groups (3 years and 4 months old), would like a nice primary school and obviously would need to make new friends.

Any ideas on where abouts would be good to look? Its all a bit daunting but we really want to make the move.


Lorrainbow Sun 11-Sep-11 22:47:51


Both York and Harrogate and surrounding villages are nice places to live. Harrogate, I believe, is more expensive to buy/rent in. York has a lot of places to rent though it's difficult at first to find somewhere that's not sharing a house with 4 students due to it's student population!

sbt2 Tue 13-Sep-11 12:48:09

Ah, thats a good point about students living in york, didnt think about that. Basically want somewhere nice for them to grow up and not too bad when they go out as teenagers. I know you cant control what they do but living close proximity to Birmingham is not ideal. Thought harrogate was more expensive, Anyone else got any thoughts? Thanks!

gillymin Sat 17-Sep-11 23:52:31

I moved to York a few years ago, and think it's a lovely place to live. I rented when I first moved here and to be honest I don't notice the student population at all and find it hard to believe that York has a university. I moved from a much bigger city, where there are a lot of students and their presence was very obvious, but then it was also something that I liked about that City. York is more of a town than a city, and there are a lot of different groups to take children to. So, I think it would be a good choice. Don't know what the employment situation is like now though. I found a job easily, but that was before the credit crunch.

Yirkmum Mon 19-Sep-11 18:46:14

York is a fab city for children. Harrogate also has a lot to offer - but you will get more bang for your buck over towards York.

sbt2 Tue 20-Sep-11 12:34:34

Thanks,both sound nice to be honest thats why we want to move from brum. Think we will go up and visit before the end of september and get a feel for the places more. My friend loves in harrogate, was a bit worried it may be too posh lol. Might put another post re recommendations of areas to visit when we come up. Thanks!

Mum2be79 Sun 02-Oct-11 09:50:33

Lots of villages surrounding York that have excellent bus links into York city centre. I live in a village 30 minutes South on the A614 (just off the A1079) and love York a lot.If I need anything or want to go out, it's always York I go to. It's great for shopping (very good bus links and park and ride) and as someone said, it feels more like a large town than a city. I find it very pleasant - nice people no 'obvious' crime and there's loads to do (as I found out whilst reading a local magazine in the hospital on Monday!)

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