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Thought we should introduce ourselves!!

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LuckySalem Sun 30-Dec-07 17:26:35


I'm lucky salem (name is from my 2 cats), I'm 23 and first child is due on 3rd Jan. I'm currently SAHM as my work sacked me in November.

Who's next?

sheepgomeep Thu 09-Dec-10 00:02:22

Hi I live in Brynteg with my dp and I have 4 children ranging from 11 yr old ds and my 3 dds 9, 3 and 7 months.

There is a sure start centre here in Brynteg but its slowly winding down, most of its HV's etc have been moved to other areas eg to flying start in caia park.

So really theres no support up in my area and my usual hv is crap just doesn't want to know

NetworkGuy Wed 18-May-11 13:47:27

LuckySalem - 'music in the park' is usually at Belleview Park (the park south of Island Green shopping area). Bandstand is within circle of trees, while there's another circle of paths and a few benches on the top of the hill overlooking those trees. Here's a web link showing Belleview Park.

Acton Park is towards Borras (north-east corner of Wrexham). This web link should help anyone find it.

LadyGooGoo Thu 07-Jul-11 14:13:08

Resurrecting this thread for summer holiday inspiration! Received the things to do leaflet through school this week about events on at library and at swimming pool. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that wants to pool ideas about good day trips/ child friendly time wasters!

My tips: ty Mawr country park (free so long as you don't stop for an ice-cream)

Moss Valley park has friendly ducks that would sell you their ducklings for a slice of bread. And excellent roundabout thing that adults can use too grin

Please give me more inspiration because I'm going to run out of sanity ideas after the first week.

Funtimewincies Tue 12-Jul-11 21:18:23

Another Wrexham resident here smile.

LadyGooGoo Wed 13-Jul-11 12:22:11

Hello Funtimewincies! How are your summer holiday plans going?

Hope the good weather lasts, everything seems more fun in sun (twirls in Maria vonTrapp style, whilst going out to peg washing)

Hmmm further work needed on exciting activities to do.

Funtimewincies Wed 13-Jul-11 17:09:38

Not too bad, thank LadyGooGoo grin.

Ds1 brought back the little Council booklet from school the other day, so I've been on the hunt for free/cheap things to do.

Have you been to the museum since they tarted it up? Dh took ds1 and says that it's good (and free).

LadyGooGoo Wed 13-Jul-11 17:42:25

Another outing sorted (although last time we went, boys
Kind of shattered peaceful ambience, despite my best shushing)

Where are you in Wrexham? We're near Coedpoeth and what feels like the worlds biggest hills. Go for a walk and feel full of joie de vivre, turn around and have to hike back! Should start carrying Crampons

sheepgomeep Mon 15-Aug-11 12:58:08

ladygoogoo I live in southsea! I used to live in coedpoeth 5 years ago.. [waves]

sheepgomeep Mon 15-Aug-11 12:59:23

on the border of brynteg I should say really

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