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Looking for fellow gutsy girls (no pun intended)

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KateB727 Fri 07-Sep-12 14:19:46

Hiya. I live in the Wrexham area, and have been looking to start belly dancing, but can't find any classes anywhere. I don't do any dancing as such but would like to get into it, to keep fit. So I thought I would ask on here...
i) does anyone know of any Wrexham classes or teachers?
ii) if anyone one feels like saying sod it, don't have a teacher, but I've got imagination so that should be enough to put some dances together
iii) anyone wants to get a dance group together and can think of a place to practise.

Anyone with guts invited, and we all have those. Inbox me if you fancy a bit of cheese in your life anyway.

Yeah probably sounds cheesy but hey if we turned out good we could possibly be performing for Simon Cowell and his kroneys.

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