Moving to Worcestershire - Evesham, Bromsgrove Sixth Form

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red989 Wed 08-Mar-17 15:44:49

Hi - currently living in Devon but looking to move back to Midlands when my son has finished GCSEs as husband is working up there and travelling back and forward at the moment. I am originally from B'ham have been in Devon 15 years living in a small town. Thinking about possibly Evesham and Bromsgrove any opinions on Sixth Forms (availability of places) areas to live, suitability for teenagers.

senua Wed 08-Mar-17 15:52:32

Bromsgrove is a small town, like you're used to. But it has bus and train links to the bright lights (Birmingham and Worcester) for the teenagers. South Bromsgrove is the best State school in town.

senua Wed 08-Mar-17 16:32:15

The area to the east of the A38 and south of the A448 is very popular: either established areas like Aston Fields and Finstall, or the newbuild at Oakalls. Walking distance to town centre (shops, buses), school, railway station. Close to cricket / hockey / tennis / rugby clubs. Not far from golf course, arts centre, David Lloyd, swimming pool.

CaptainAhgua Wed 08-Mar-17 17:53:11

Evesham has sports clubs, pool, gyms, an arts centre which gets amazingly good comedians for its size, a lovely independant art deco cinema. But not a great deal of teenager type shops, no clubs, and public transport is limited in the evenings. I live 7 miles away in an even smaller town, and I know older teens complain about things to do in Evesham.
Sixth form places may be under increasing pressure as theres been a lot of new builds around Evesham, however there is also a college, and Pershore college which is horticultural etc which may take pressure off (my son isn't at that stage yet).

worccyclist Thu 09-Mar-17 07:25:27

Have you considered Worcester or nearby village? Sixth form college, one school (Christopher Whitehead) has own sixth form, heart of Worcestershire college as well.

Mrscog Thu 09-Mar-17 20:24:07

I would consider Worcester - has a fantastic sixth form college and some lovely housing.

Mrscog Thu 09-Mar-17 20:24:25

I would consider Worcester - has a fantastic sixth form college and some lovely housing.

red989 Fri 10-Mar-17 07:48:13

Thanks - Haven't ever visited Worcester so will have to go and have a look around.

Starrynight77 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:56:26

Or droitwich-they have a good school and sixth form.

Malvernia Fri 10-Mar-17 13:11:17


I grew up in Bromsgrove and my mum is still there. I think I'd die before living there again. Surrounded by motorways on all sides, crap shops (mainly charity shops and cheapo ones) - though they are building a little Waitrose.

I was bullied at school. There's sod all for teenagers to do.

I've worked in Evesham as a drug worker. It's the drug capital of the county. Nothing else for the kids to do! At least in Bromsgrove you could get into Birmingham easily and go to gigs etc. Evesham has that mentality of a small town where people are horrified at getting a job in a neighbouring town. Kidderminster the same!

I'm in Malvern. It's close enough to Worcester to get in easy and is a nice place.

Still if you're set on Worcestershire then I'd recommend Worcester Sixth Form and living in Worcester or Malvern. I'd defo avoid there north of the county and steer clear of Redditch.

Mrscog Fri 10-Mar-17 17:58:45

YY Malvern is nice, but definitely do some strong consideration of Worcester. With all the University development it's taking off massively, lots of stuff to do - the Hive (the library) is award winning, nice shops, basketball at the Arena.

10 years ago I'd have opted for one of the small towns with quick access to Birmingham but now I think i'd go for Worcester.

senua Fri 10-Mar-17 23:02:05

I would rephrase "surrounded by motorways" as "very well connected". It is on the intersection of the M5 and the M42 and therefore in easy reach of the M6, M1 and M40. When the DC were thinking about University we could easily get to Exeter, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Oxford, Southampton, London, etc.
The shops in Bromsgrove aren't much to write home about but, in addition to Bham & Worc, there is the large mall at Merry Hill (11 miles away) and more poncey shops at Solihull. They are also very slowly developing the old Longbridge site - it has one of the largest M&S in the country.

Malvern is on the wrong side of the Rivers Severn and Teme.

LEWorcs Wed 29-Mar-17 13:13:53

Both Evesham and Bromsgrove are lovely towns. Evesham is a little more rural than perhaps Bromsgrove, at least it feels that way to me. Bromsgrove is fairly good for links to Birmingham and Evesham is good for links to Worcester.
Personally if i was thinking of moving with a teenager I would like at areas around Worcester. There are a lot of pressures on the schools in Bromsgrove and Evesham as there are a lot of new houses and the schools always seem to be quite full, whereas in Worcester there are a few schools to chose from as well as the College and the University (the Uni is lovely, although I am slightly biased as i studied for my degree and PGCE there :-) ) There are surprisingly good bus routes from many of the rural villages of Worcestershire. I would suggest that you come up for a weekend, perhaps stay in Worcester and have a good drive round and see what you feel you like.

Exciting times ahead - good luck :-)

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