hanley castle school

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dynamicduo Mon 20-Jun-16 19:44:52

anybody had experience of the school , my son may be an inyear move in year 7 .Is it friendly?. Also thinking of moving to Upton or just outside . great to hear how friendly the area is for teens & single mums .
I'm making decisions in a quick timescale so any help would be great.

Malverntobe Sat 02-Jul-16 11:29:40

No help unfortunately just joining to ask the question, does anyone from MN have children there? Plan to go and visit the school in a couple of weeks, looking to move and my son will need to be in year 10.

If I manage to get to the school I'll report my impressions on here at least!

Malverntobe Thu 14-Jul-16 21:31:49

Hanley castle school told us (over the phone) there were no places whatsoever, we could go on a waiting list. Since my son is starting his GCSE's, even if a place became available we wouldn't want to move mid-GCSE's, so are looking at a different school now.

dynamicduo Sun 20-Nov-16 08:52:52

unfortunately we moved to Hanley castle school year 8 , and I'm finding the options thing for GCSE confusing & my child not in the right sets compared to last school . so we are thinking of moving again ! mad I know & just found out about Prince Henry in Evesham . Anybody know about it . We would have to go to a middle school I know now which would be Bredon middle & put a late application for Prince Henry . Any advise or tips would be great. I have to say my child does like the school but I'm not confident he can achieve his ambitions there.

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