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dynamicduo Fri 03-Jun-16 08:44:33

We are thinking of moving to upton area & would be great to hear if its a friendly place for single mum & 12 yr son. Or if anyone knows other small towns , villages in the area as I really like Hanley castle school .
any thoughts ideas or anyone fancy meeting for a coffee as we only live 20 mins away now.

CaptainAhgua Mon 06-Jun-16 14:55:26

I hear Hanley Castle is good, and it is a lovely area round there. I don't know anyone from Upton, though we cycle through there often as Upton Marina is one of our routine stops - 15min in the car from us

dynamicduo Mon 06-Jun-16 19:41:54

Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. we need to move on M5 corridor hence upton as sons dad lives there but just looking for a friendly community with a good state high school so any ideas would be great.
Dad will be working in welsh valleys 20 mins from Cardiff . We have thought about m4 corridor but nowhere jumps out.

CaptainAhgua Mon 06-Jun-16 20:54:45

Have you looked at Tewkesbury? Bigger, but it has a leisure centre (brand new one actually, just opened last week), a range of shops, theatre, takeaways etc. Might be more appealing to a teenager, and mean less ferrying round.

I think Upton is the largest place that feeds into Hanley Castle - its all villages otherwise. Welland always looks nice, but I don't know what its like to live there.

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