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ParentsVoiceWorcestershire Mon 22-Jul-13 10:28:39

Hi smile

Your local editor suggested I start a conversation about our bullying survey (http://bit.ly/10I9AFO), so here goes! blush

We're a local group for parents and carers; we're running an online survey for parents and carers about the support and information they need when their child (and that includes teenagers) is affected by bullying in any way.

So if a child or young person in your family has witnessed bullying, been accused of bullying or been the victim of bullying, or if you feel they've been affected in some other way - please think about taking part!

It's a really short questionnaire (takes minutes) but there are comments boxes where you're welcome to say as much as you want to about your experiences. We want to know what parents find useful and any suggestions they may have for improvements. We will then share the results with a variety of organisations (including Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board and Worcestershire Children's Trust) and encourage them to use the information to make improvements for families in Worcestershire, if needed.

It's confidential and you don't even have to give your name or email address (but if you do we'll send you a copy of the report in the autumn).

It's online until September 2nd - why not take a look? It's at the Parents' Voice website (under "Have Your Say") www.parentsvoice.co.uk/have_your_say.php

Please tell other parents about this - it may be relevant to them.

Any comments, please? Thanks in advance smile


Sue (for Parents' Voice committee)

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