Moving to Malvern

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ErXienHannah Sat 25-May-13 14:03:58

Hello all,
We will be moving to Great Malvern and malvern link area next month from Herts, and need help with the local primary schools.
We need to apply for my daughter's reception class in this coming Sept(After checking the council site), so if someone can advice on a few good primary school and its catchment area ?
Also on the area in to avoid living ?
Many thanks in advance !

Mrscogg Mon 27-May-13 22:03:11

Hi ErXienHannah, I'm afraid I'm in a different part of the county to Malvern, but I think there are quite a few good schools there. I'm also not sure on places to live these days, but I think Great Malvern is nicer than Link from what I remember. Lovely town though, with a naice Waitrose! Hopefully someone with more Malvern knowledge than me will be along soon smile

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