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Kirstoll Mon 15-Oct-12 12:13:16

Hi all, am mum to a lovely 2 year old daughter. Myself and partner have just started new jobs (as of 29th October) and are desperately looking for a trusted childminder asap! We are in St Peters, about as close to Tesco as can be and are hoping to find somebody as close as possible!
They would need to be officially registered so tax credits will help me out smile and be available Mon-Fri 8-6 (although maybe not all of these hours depending on other halfs rota!) If you are available or have ANY information that'd be useful the please reply. Am very new to childminding/nursery, a little worried about leaving her and could do with some advice/ reassurance. Thanks so much
Kirsty smile

droitwitchymummy Mon 15-Oct-12 23:18:31

I don't know of anyone but i will bump your thread in case anyone else does!

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