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SurfmumRhi Thu 09-Feb-12 17:06:58

Hi, i moved to worcester a couple of years ago but have been working full time so unable to take dd1 who is 3 at the end of march to any groups. i have recently had dd2 who is 7 weeks and i am looking for any baby and toddler groups in worcester mainly the st johns area as we live just outside. if anyone could recommend any toddler groups on a Monday or Thursday or baby groups on a Tuesday or Friday i would be very grateful. I don't know many mums in worcester so looking to meet people. Sorry for long post this is the first time i have posted on here so hope i am doing it right!
Thankyou in advance for your help.

fishandlilacs Sat 11-Feb-12 15:00:04

hello, i am just outside st johns-i'm sorry i dont know of any groups in the area this side of the river. I have a 4 yr old dd at school and a 4 week old. be happy to have a coffee sometime x

ShagOBite Sat 11-Feb-12 15:01:33

Loads of good ones in Malvern if that's not too far?

SurfmumRhi Sat 11-Feb-12 18:23:58

Hello, Thankyou for your responses. i have just found out about a couple of groups. the library has some groups so i thought i might try them out plus there is a rhythm time class in at peters. i have been looking at malvern too, do you know anything about the Cecilia hall dance classes?
Fishandlilacs- would be great to meet for a drink, Wednesday and Friday after lunch are good for me as i only have dd2, are either of those days good for you? Rhi x

ShagOBite Sat 11-Feb-12 19:13:18

DD goes to dance in Motion instead of Cecelia Hall, but both are good. DIM younger and wider variety (also warmer!)

samsonthecat Sat 11-Feb-12 19:18:42

Hi I run a baby and toddler group on a Thursday morning in Malvern if that's any use to you.

ShagOBite Sat 11-Feb-12 19:22:31

Ooh which is that?

samsonthecat Sat 11-Feb-12 19:31:17

I started a new one in January. We're in Somers park avenue Methodist church hall.

ShagOBite Sat 11-Feb-12 19:33:48

Oh cool, not far. DH might be interested. smile

samsonthecat Sat 11-Feb-12 19:40:02

He would be very welcome. It's on between 10-12 but not during school holidays.

Helenfellows32 Thu 16-Feb-12 22:44:28

i have moved just outside st johns just before christmas and am off to the toddler group at the library on tues for the first time. so ill let you know how it goes. i will try and make the one on thursday too if i don't have anything else on if that's ok? need to kick myself up the bum and start getting out of the house.

SurfmumRhi Fri 17-Feb-12 14:55:48

Helen- that would be great., would be interested to hear about those groups. how old is your little one? There is another group on Thursday at the library in st johns which i am going to go to may not make this week but hope to make week after. x

Helenfellows32 Sun 19-Feb-12 21:54:13

i have two little ones. ds is nearly two and dd is six months old. im on my own in the week (dh works away) so im kicking myself up the bum and going to some groups is a must as im going slightly crazy in the week. ill make sure i post when i get back let you know how it goes.

Helenfellows33 Tue 21-Feb-12 12:43:29

i have just been this morning, (st johns library) and i really enjoyed it the only issue i had was the room could have been a bit bigger. they had tea coffee and biscuits for the little ones and singing to finish. if you want to go next week i would be happy to meet you there.

HelloShitty Tue 21-Feb-12 12:56:35

Hi. I'm in St John's and I've seen ads for a Monday morning baby/toddler group called (I think) Tweenies. And (I also think) it's at the church on Bromyard Rd. Sorry can't be more specific, but the ads are in all the shop windows in St John's. The library also does Bounce n Rhyme on Friday mornings (11.30ish) which will be fun for your baby too. St Peter's Baptist Church do TickTock Club on Wednesdays (10-12) which is brilliant - masses of room, hundreds of kids, loads of toys plus a sing-song at the end, all for £1 which includes coffee/tea and biscuits and snacks for the kids.

I have a DS 2.6 and would love to meet up with anyone with similar age DCs. I work part-time and my days off seem to be just me and him pottering around the house at the moment, so please PM me if any of you arrange a meet-up!

Rulou Wed 09-Jan-13 07:06:00

Hello, I know these posts are from a little while ago now but, just wanted to ask if anybody knows if there are any baby todler groups that are any good and not too expensive that are still going on, I am in the St. Peter's area of Worcester but anywhere in Worcester would be fine to travel to, my little one is a little boy and he is now just over 8 months. He needs note interaction with babies but hey I need more interaction with the outside world. Thanks in advance.

xhallyxx Wed 28-Aug-13 21:50:07

Hello ladies, I've just been searching for threads coz I'm moving back to Worcester after 18 years, St. John's to be exact, I've got a 16 month old little girl and we are leaving our lovely baby friends/ group behind. We need new groups and friends!! I was wondering if any of you had found some good groups in the end or perhaps fancied meeting for a coffee/ play date?? Trying to be proactive now!!

Mrscogg Thu 29-Aug-13 18:41:15

Hi xhallyxx I have a DS a similar age (nearly 18 months), I live outside Worcester but I'm often there, would be happy to meet up some time smile We'll also be organising another MN meet up soon too so you're more than welcome to come along!

Pippa2uk Wed 11-Sep-13 21:17:46

Hi everyone, I've got a 16 month old little boy and am due my second baby in December. I live in Norton, Worcester and would love to meet up if anyone fancies it? I drive so can get anywhere in The Worcester area :-)

emmadlovejakey01 Tue 01-Oct-13 15:36:28

Hi... I know this thread is a little old but we have just moved to st John's, and have a little boy who's just turned 1, I do work part time so sometimes find it difficult to get out as much as I should but would love to join any groups, if there are any at the mo? smile

LEWorcestershire Tue 01-Oct-13 19:26:07

Hey emmaad, there's a meet up on 10th if your around. Boston Tea Party at 10am smile

emmadlovejakey01 Tue 01-Oct-13 20:19:59

Hey, thank you, I am not working on the 10th so that would be good! Are you a big group that meet up regularly? We've moved quite a lot as my husband was in the navy but now we have our little one we are back to Worcester and back to stay, so we would like to meet new friends smile

LEWorcestershire Tue 01-Oct-13 21:46:25

We've had a few meet ups but now MrsBucketxx is in charge of them we're hoping to have them more regularly (monthly). Welcome back to Worcester! smile

mrsbucketxox Wed 02-Oct-13 13:37:46

I go to one at the library on a tuesday morning at 10.30.

Your welcome to come along if you like, im taking another mnetter on Tuesday who has just moved back to st johns.

Theres another I go to on a Wednesday morning at the green centre in dines green, the area isnt great but the group is lovely with lots of activities etc.

Its a shame about the thursday next one will be a werkend one.

emmadlovejakey01 Wed 02-Oct-13 15:47:26

Thank you both smile
Oh damn, I'm working next tues morning sad but I'm off the following tues so if you do go then, I'd love to tag along smile
Dines green sounds good tho as I'm off next weds smile
Have you been to the one at the mission hall called tweenies on a weds as I was looking at that yesterday and thinking of popping along?

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