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justine09x Sat 19-Nov-11 20:19:38

Hiya I thought i'd bite the bullet and say hello, Ive just moved to Redditch from the other side of the country. Im finding it really hard to make new friends as I dont go anywhere other than the school run lol. Im really bubbly and friendly and would love to meet other mums in the area and make some new friends. I am really lonely without my good old mates from where I used to live ---how sad am I lol. Im 25 newly married with 2 kids a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 2. Please get in touch if I dont find someone to join me in cuppas and gossip I think im going to go mad haha. Would love to hear from u xx

fishandlilacs Sun 20-Nov-11 19:00:51

Hiya, i'm not in redditch sadly (worcester) but have you tried your local childrens centre? I know theones in redditch have a good reputation-perhaps take your 2 yr old to stay & play?

good luck

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