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prettydaffodil Fri 04-Nov-11 22:51:19

Hi, we're fairly new to the area and are now applying for our daughter's school. We are living near White Ladies Aston, to the east of Worcester and our daughter will be turning 4 in June. We like the look of Holy Redeemer in Pershore but can anyone tell me anything about Crowle, Flyford Flavell or Inkberrow? Our daughter is shy and is at preschool in pershore hence why we're keen for her to go to Holy Redeemer along with other preschool friends but which others should I put down for, bearing in mind we aren't in the catchment area for Holy Redeemer? Any tips or recommendations will be very welcome. Thank you!

LukeWarmMomma Sat 03-Dec-11 18:58:17

DD went to Holy Redeemer which was very good - there is a new Headmistress there now (since Sept) so I don't really know if will change or not. The only problem we found is that the Holy Redeemer is a feeder school for Blessed Edward Oldcorne in Worcester so they are the only school in Pershore that doesn't lead on to a middle school - some parents who want their child to go to Pershore High School have the difficult decision as to remove their child early to go for the full 3 years at middle school (and miss Mrs Williams class - a she's a brilliant teacher with great results) or leave their child at Holy Redeemer and just have the 1 year at middle school ( I've heard that parents sometimes find that if they do this the middle school - usually the one around the corner, by the park - don't bother with the child much "as they are only here for a year and just killing time!) If your DD is at the Preschool by the Holy Redeemer (on the other side of the church carpark!!) the lady who's in charge (name beginning with V !!) her 3 children went to Cropthorne (just up from Fladbury) so she may be able to tell you about that school. Elmley Castle is also a nice school - headmistress has been there 3 years, so I'm sorry I don't know any children who have been there since she has - a visit to Little Comberton Pre-school (which is in village hall) may help as most of the ladies there have children who go to Elmley and one actually works there doing the Forest School. Hope this helps!

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