Pre natal pilates/yoga in or around Malvern

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merredy Sun 05-Jun-11 19:06:44

Does anyone of any good pre-natal pilates/yoga groups in or around malvern?

I have found a couple but most classes are in the day and with a toddler and a job they are just not possible.

I really need evening classes if any one can point me in the right direction?

Alternatively any other good in-pregnancy exercise classes?

Thanks in advance

LoopyLoopsBettyBoops Sun 26-Jun-11 00:41:13

Can't see it on their website, but I know the Wheel of Life Centre on North Malvern Road used to do pregnancy yoga. Don't know about the day/evening thing either, but if your toddler is likely to get on with my toddler I could help you out for an hour while you went in you like?

MadameBoo Wed 29-Jun-11 22:55:32


I went to pregnancy yoga in the evenings in Malvern - run by a fabulous woman called Gail. here. If I do ever get pregnant again I will definitely go back, she is brilliant.

NotACompleterFinis Wed 07-Sep-11 14:30:08

Hi - I have been doing Gail's classes and they're brilliant. She now has new webpage

ralv Thu 17-Jul-14 11:23:26

Hi... I dont seem to be able to add a new post so I'm bringing this one back!
I'm searching for a yoga class in Worcester or Malvern and would love any recommendations...

Thanks ladies

idlefolly Thu 22-Jan-15 20:34:49

I'm looking for similar classes - antenatal exercise classes such as yoga, aqua, etc... - does anyone know of any near Malvern that don't cost £10 per session?!

JanineRusby Fri 20-Feb-15 20:52:03

I run pregnancy yoga classes covering Worcester.
I am always happy to answer questions.

kymlane123 Wed 31-Aug-16 12:49:48

Hi there,

I teach Pregnancy Yoga classes in Malvern at Dance in Motion Academy. Here is the link to my website if you haven't already found a class to attend.!pregnancy-yoga/xbreu

Kym x

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