'Nature' days out in Worcestershire

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ilovedjasondonovan Sun 20-Mar-11 16:52:54

I live in Worcester and have 2 girls, almost 5 and almost 3.

Before children we grew up in Somerset with lots of outdoor stuff to do.

But we don't know where you can do this kind of stuff in Worcester/shire.

I've found somewhere good to do Pooh Sticks, but can anyone else give me some good suggestions for places to take the girls?

Places I'm looking for are for example:
Tadpoling, Throwing stones into rivers, paddling in rivers/building small dams, tree climbing.

I know of places like Worcester Woods country park, and although excellent and the DC love it there I'm looking for somewhere a bit more off the beaten track.

happy to travel anywhere from South Birmingham to Cotswolds/Forest of Dean. The closer the better though.

Thanks for reading.

MadameBoo Wed 30-Mar-11 22:22:22

Malvern Hills.
Castlemorton common and quarry.
Lickey Hills.
Waseley Hills.
Clent Hills.

Littlefish Wed 30-Mar-11 22:26:31

Have a look at the Wyre Forest Visitor Centre in Bewdley. It's a bit of a treck from you - about 40 minutes I should think, but they do lots of lovely stuff for children, plus there are lots of walks.

Clent hills are great.

MadameBoo Wed 30-Mar-11 22:28:55

oh yes to Wyre Forest. I sat on an ant nest there once as a child. <fond memories >

Littlefish Wed 30-Mar-11 22:32:17

trek, not treck!

fishandlilacs Wed 13-Jul-11 19:38:16

We live in Rushwick village just outside of worcester on the Bromyard rd,

Just two minutes from our house (christine avenue) you can walk out into fields and down to the teme, takes about 15 minutes, on the way there are several ponds for pind dipping (and some tadpoles when in season) and wooded areas.

I have also heard that across the rd from Bransford village along the teme there a beachy area of the teme where it is shallow and kids can paddle. I haven't been on a mission to find it yet though as my dd is only 3 and grumbles if she has to walk too far.

Ivyandoak Mon 21-Jan-13 13:06:24

All of the above suggestions are great. Me and my girls really enjoy wyre forest discovery centre. If anyone wants to meet up in the great outdoors let me know smile

DippyMummy Mon 04-Feb-13 14:46:58

The Knapp and Papermill Nature Reserve is a good one. Kind of between Leigh and Suckley. We go there for Pooh Sticks and picnics. But we live in the Malvern Hills - no end of running-about, getting-muddy, tree-climbing activities here!

WorcsCountryMouse Thu 07-Feb-13 12:02:30

Wyre Forest is great (and a lovely party venue too, I discovered when one of DD's classmates had a party there).

If you are looking for walks, have you looked at the Worcestershire Way? There are quite a lot of smaller walks along the way as well, like this one, but there are lots more on that website.

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