Calling all French mums with babies

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chezloupy Fri 11-Mar-11 16:01:16

I am a French mum living in Worcester and I am keen for my daughter (who is 4 months) to get as much French exposure as possible. And it would also be lovely for me to meet French mums...

If you are keen to meet up then please contact me as soon as possible!!!

ChrisBarltrop Mon 14-Mar-11 08:55:06

Please excuse me bothering you - I'm clearly not a mum -- in fact, I'm a Grandad! I sometimes work in France and would like to practice my French between visits there. I wonder whether you know of any group where I could join in French conversation in an informal way? My name is Chris Barltrop and I live in Bromyard.

Thank you and good wishes.

chezloupy Thu 24-Mar-11 19:43:53

Hi there, that's no problem at all... I am not aware of any groups that meet to practise conversational French but Worcester College has a French course for people to practise their French and they cater for different levels. I do think it would be good for Worcester to have a French group (I know there is one in Birmingham) for French people & Francophiles alike...

MadameBoo Wed 30-Mar-11 22:19:54

I'm not a French Mum but I do know one here - her youngest child is 4 though. I can ask her if you like - PM me?

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