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aristocat Sun 12-Feb-12 22:40:08

Hi, just seen this today smile Where did you go? Happy belated birthday for yesterday ..... hope you had a good one!

KatMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Feb-12 14:23:58

Happy birthday for Saturday! wine
We've moved this into our Local boards for Wolverhampton, hopefully you'll get a response there!

callanclare Mon 06-Feb-12 13:58:30

Hi, i am new here, its my 29th birthday on Saturday and i am expected to go out for a big family meal with my parents and sister etc plus our two children my ds is 4 and my dd is 1, i live in wolverhampton and wondered if anyone could recomend a really good place to eat where me and my husband wont get stressed running after our children or end up telling them to sit still all the time because they are bored, im trying to find somewhere that doesnt feel too kid orientated but has enough to keep them occupied for 20 minutes while i eat my meal, most the time when we go out with family no other family members look after or watch the kids they just sit there and give us the "bad parent look" if our son wont eat all his dinner etc. any help would be greatly appreciated, last year we all stayed in and had chinese, i dont want to do that this year.

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