half term in Wolverhampton

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Tyrionlovingyourwork Wed 19-Oct-11 10:50:32

I can recommend Soccer Coaching 2000 October Playscheme

The course is on 10 - 3 each day and your kids would fit into the older age group. The older football group had boys and a few girls. The gender split was more even for the other activities.

My DS (4) went to a summer course enjoyed the games rather than the football. I was impressed with how organised the events were.

londonbongo Wed 16-Feb-11 12:51:54

Hello, I'm working at Wolverhampton University in half term and need to find a playscheme/arts/crafts/sports/science/cooking/clas s for my two children ages 8 and 10. It needs to be within easy distance of the University. Any ideas?

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