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GemmaWilks Mon 28-Jun-10 15:23:19


Wondering if there are any mums to be in the Nomansland/Landford/Whiteparish area (north New Forest). I am due on 5th September 2010 and was hoping to meet some local mums who might fancy a coffee (decaf of course!)


ForcesSweetheart Wed 10-Mar-10 12:49:47

Doh! Pagen I've just discovered you're on the Due in May thread like me! I haven't been on for ages so have kinda lost the plot of the thread. My due date is May 4th, but am having my section on 22nd April. Small world! If you ever fancy meeting up for a cuppa at the Beeches or something gimme a shout.

ForcesSweetheart Wed 10-Mar-10 12:43:31

Hi Pagen, Sorry I've only just seen your post. Have you had your baby yet? I'm not sure how close to your due date you were when you originally posted in January.
I'm Lisa, I'm 36 too and am having my 2nd child at Salisbury District on 22nd April. I already have a 4yo DD.
I see you're in Bulford like me. If you need any tips on mum & baby groups etc just shout. I've been checking them all out recently in preparation for this little one's arrival.
I'm one of the Salisbury mumsnet tsarinas but haven't had much time to devote to the local site - but hopefully can remedy that now I'm on Mat Leave.

maltesers Thu 25-Feb-10 09:53:19

Hi there. I am an older mum and have three children, my youngest is now 9rs . So if you want any thoughts and advise let me know. Salisbury Maternity is very good and i had my first 2 kids there.

Pagen Tue 19-Jan-10 11:39:21

Wow, was it always the plan to have 2 so young together? I was wondering if I would feel broody again after the birth of my little bambino, all i can think of at the moment is how on earth am I going to cope with one!!
Saying that I would like him/her to have a sibling at some point and as I turn 36 next week I suppose I can't leave it too long if we want a second....

jellybean10 Mon 18-Jan-10 15:39:55

I'm expecting my 2nd in 2 weeks and am absolutely shattered now. DD is just 13 months so am she has no idea i'm pregnant and is constantly wanting to be picked up. Part of me can't wait to have the baby and part of me is dreading have two little ones so close together. Would love to hear from anyone else who is going through/has gone through the same thing.

Pagen Sat 16-Jan-10 11:09:26

Hi all,
I was wondering if there are any other mums-to-be in the local area to chat to? Happy to chat to all experienced mums too - Just looking for some company as I near my due date and need distracting from the fun and games of the 3rd trimester....

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