Salisbury Hospital vs Dorchester Hospital

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tinkerbellfairy Mon 30-Nov-09 11:38:58

Have to choose between Salisbury and Dorchester Hospitals to have our baby. New to area and no experience of either hospital and don't have any friends who've had babies at either. Any advice/thoughts pls?

babeecakes Tue 08-Dec-09 13:41:00

Hi, recently had my first baby in Salisbury Hosp. never been to dorchester hosp so can only share salisbury experience. had longish labour followed by eventual c section. excellent medical care, all options discussed with you as you go through labour. had to wait almost 40 minutes for anethasitist for epidural as the labour ward shares with the rest of the hospital, so if you think you might want an epidural, dont leave it until you cant stand the pain any more! only 2 rooms with birthing pools , but all have a bathroom. The post natal ward is very busy,(abt 15 beds) staff lovely as individuals, but clearly have too much to do. Had to move beds after 2 days to make room for new people. Breast feeding is presented as the 1st (and seemingly only) option after birth on post natal ward so , if this is not going to be your choice, you'll have to be able to voice this to staff quite strongly, you may find this is the case in any hospital, i dont know. visiting hrs well organised, dh allowed to stay 10am-9pm, all others 3-5pm. Food good enough, ward was clean. hope this helps!

wonka Tue 09-Feb-10 10:02:51

Didn't really have a lot good to say about Dorchester midwives.. but their special care is really good.. Salisbury care both in labour ward and (I also required an epidural didn't notice a prolonged wait) and postnatal ward was fantastic.. Also ended up in special care here (Not in any way to so with care of me or baby in either hospital) also fantastic!

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