activities during school hols

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manumum Wed 16-Jul-08 13:39:53

i have 3 kids to entertain over summer hols they are aged 7 5 and 2 i dont have a big ammount of cash spare and do not drive any ideas of things to do

dorathesnorer Thu 17-Jul-08 06:52:43

My two are 7 and 5 also and we usually live at Lydiard Park and Coate Water in the hols ah I see you don't drive which area of Swindon do you live? The paddling pool at Coate was really cheap last time we went trouble is no-one ever knows when it's going to open...

Wilts Thu 17-Jul-08 07:30:23

Town gardens is always nice and you can combine that with a trip to the museum in Old Town, or the 'crocodile museum' as it's known in our house!

Don't forget it's the Mela in Town gardens next Saturday, that is really good day out, if you take your own drinks etc it will be a cheap day out.

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