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scooby0410 Wed 27-Jul-16 12:49:15

Hi everyone,

We recently moved to Chippenham with our two daughters 3Yo and 7 Yo. We only had the time to visit Queens Crescent, St Mary RC and Ivy Lane Primary school. We are looking for a school for our eldest who will start grade 3 in September and early Years for the youngest. What would be your recommendations? Like most parents we are looking for a caring educational environment for our children and as we all know OFSTED doesn't tell the whole picture about a school. Any advice based on experience would be greatly appreciated.

ChalkyWhiteHorsey Thu 28-Jul-16 09:48:28

Hi and welcome to the area!

I have a child at Ivy Lane and have been happy with the standard of education given and the atmosphere is very positive and caring.
But more importantly, my child is happy there.

They have on-site facilities for full day care - a nursery (Happy Days), Breakfast club and After school club.

Geographically, the 3 schools you have seen are quite far apart. I would suggest you take school runs etc into consideration. Traffic at school run time can be slow, so if you have the option of walking, I would factor that in to your decision! (It doesn't seem important, but when you are doing it twice a day - often in the rain - every. single. day. it really is important!).
I know children who have been to St Marys, it still has a good reputation although I believe there was a bumpy period when they had a change of HT (this could just be gossip though).

Also, if you are thinking of staying in Chippenham long-term, the secondary schools are excellent.

Coming from a large primary (like Ivy Lane) is really helpful as they are used to being in a large school. Also, they are more likely yo be placed with friends in new classes. (I appreciate this is a long time in your future, but these things have been really helpful for my DC).

If you have any Ivy Lane specific questions, please do ask. It was so difficult when we moved here, looking at schools and nurseries, I'd be happy to help if I can.

CokeFan Thu 28-Jul-16 11:05:10

My DD is at Ivy Lane too and we're generally pleased with it. I think year 3 and year R are probably full, but there are spaces higher up the school. We chose Ivy Lane because we used New Road Nursery and there were a lot of children going from New Road to Ivy Lane. New Road run the after school club, which seems to be very popular. I think they're very good at home/school communication and the head teacher seems to be open to feedback from parents.

St Mary's and Ivy Lane are close to each other. I know someone with a DD at St Mary's and they seem happy with it. We didn't consider it at the time (not Catholic).

Kings Lodge and Charter on Pewsham estate are actually nearer to where we live. We looked round Charter and decided it wasn't for us. It's very quiet though - not popular at the moment. Kings Lodge is extremely popular and a very busy school.

scooby0410 Thu 28-Jul-16 18:12:10

Hi ChalkyWhiteHorsey and CokeFan,

Thank you both, very much for your replies, it is a relief to hear that your children are very happy at Ivy Lane Primary as we were leaning towards that option after meeting with the Head teacher who does seem to be very approachable.

I haven't been able to visit Happydays nursery for our youngest, is it a nice place too? (New Road Nursery have told me that they don't have any place left for September).

Chalkywhitehorsey: I don't have further questions yet (unless you have you could recommend a nice Nursery) but I may contact you again in the coming weeks (I am still discovering Chippenham at the moment smile

Thank you again to both of you for the quick reply and enjoy the holiday smile

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