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cowbiscuits74 Thu 11-Dec-14 19:24:35

Hello - we are moving to the SW, looked at several areas and Chippenham has come up as possible location as likely to be working in Bristol or maybe Swindon or Bath.

Have read mostly positive things about it, with the surrounding villages like Corsham taking the edge over the town. Seems like no issue with access to good primaries (not the over-sub problems in Bristol) and mix of housing stock to suit variety of budgets.

So is a commute to Bristol on a daily basis realistic, probably on the train but driving to the station rather than walking, maybe cycling at a push but more likely driving? Have seen the cost of parking but probably cheaper than paying to park in Bristol so that doesn't put us off.

Location wise are any of the villages better placed than others to get to the station in the morning?

Anything else I need to know?

Thank you

ChalkyWhiteHorsey Wed 17-Dec-14 11:35:22

Hi Cowbiscuits

We moved to Bristol for a short time, whilst there we looked at Bath and Chippenham.

Bristol was a worry re the schools, Bath pricey and some school issues, so we moved to Chippenham. There are a lot of really good primaries and excellent Secondary schools. Housing is not too expensive and it's a really easy commute to Bristol, Bath and Swindon.

It feels like a 'safe' place to live and there's plenty for DC to do. As the children have grown up, we have found the people who live in the villages tend to spend a lot of time driving their DC around. We (thankfully) don't have to do that living in town grin

The train station is quite central, so walking and cycling are easy options to get there.
I'm happy to answer any questions you have re life in Chippenham fsmile

ChalkyWhiteHorsey Wed 17-Dec-14 11:38:26

Oh and DH drives to work in Bristol everyday, its not a bad drive. I used to commute to Bath, which wasn't too bad either.

cowbiscuits74 Tue 23-Dec-14 14:14:01

Hi ChalkyWhiteHorsey

That is brilliant thank you, we are planning to come and drive around etc next year but so much better to hear from someone who actually lives there and commutes on a daily basis. We have the same worries about Bristol schools especially as would be late applications. Chippenham seems to be the best placed for schools, commute and countryside of all the places we have looked at so far.

Will take you up on your offer for more information once we get nearer.


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