Chippenham/Malmesbury Secondary Schools - which is the best for able ASD child?

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goldengrove Sat 15-Mar-14 18:26:06

Hi all - hoping someone out there has recent experience of these schools! Our DS has ASD diagnosis, is also quite bright, and copes OK (well for some of the time anyway confused) in mainstream. He's currently at a local (N. Wilts) primary and will transfer soonish to EITHER:
- Sheldon School
- Hardenhuish School, OR
- Malmesbury School.

I know these are all good schools, academically; what I need to find out is, which is best for the SEN support/understanding, which will be crucial to underpin DS's overall progress there? I'd hate to pick a school which seems great on the surface, but which actually isn't very helpful or understanding with his quirks and meltdowns etc.....
Thanks in advance if anyone can advise from personal experience...

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