Comments on Hathaway Rd please

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karenpmb Thu 26-Sep-13 11:13:11

Hi, I am interested in a house in Hathaway Road. I am moving from Manchester and where I currently live is a mix of private and council (I am private) but this area isn't great and crime rate increasing. How is the area on Hathaway please? Hoping someone can give me insight. Been burgalled twice in Manchester so want to avoid that.

Regards, Karen

turkeyboots Sun 29-Sep-13 18:00:09

It's in Upper Stratton which is a fairly nice area I believe but close to Penhill which is regarded as rough. Don't know the area well myself so cant offer much more advice.

LocalEdSwindon Wed 02-Oct-13 09:27:44

Hi Karen welcome to Swindon! Anyone else know the Hathaway Rd area and could comment?

PhyllisDoris Fri 25-Oct-13 14:57:26

I don't think it's a great area. Sorry.

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