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azza30 Fri 29-Mar-13 10:40:04

Hi there again! Still not moved down yet, still looking! Thinking Chippenham because it looks like a relatively quiet, open space with the day to day facilities
and also we can go to Bristol/ Bath for some of the extras like museums and galleries. Doing some digging on ofsted and it seems Queens Crescent is excellent and all the other primaries are good with exception of Langley Fitzurs, Charter and Hulington, which were satisfactory. Anyone with local knowledge of schools out there with some advice would be appreciated. Also, not really an issue yet, but the secondaries Sheldon and Hardenhuish seem very good at the moment - any info on these?

For employment in chippenham, do most people commute to Bristol/ Bath/ Swindon? Anywhere else?

All help really appreciated!

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