Moving to Wiltshire from Edinburgh....But where? Help

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cherrycarpet Thu 04-Apr-13 19:44:42

Hi there - I've only just seen your post so hopefully it's not too late?! If you're still thinking of moving this way then I'd really recommend thinking about Bradford-on-Avon. It's approx 8 miles east of Bath and on the train line (ie. 15 mins to Bath, 30 Bristol and London the other way).

We moved here from Bristol 8 years ago and haven't looked back. Great place to bring up a family. It's really beautiful with amazing architecture, river, canal, cafes, restaurants and independent shops
etc. The state schools (2 primaries and 1 secondary) are excellent. Good range of nursery schools and toddler groups too. If you live in the town the children automatically get a place at the senior school, St Laurence, so you don't have the worry of wondering whether they'll get in or not.

There's a lot going on here and people are very friendly. Lots of things to do and it has a library and swimming pool. Lots of families have moved here from bigger places eg. London & Bristol so there's quite a mix of people. If you like castles then it's not far across the border to Wales!

Houses prices are on the higher side but probably slightly cheaper than Bath. Renting quite pricey too.

I've also lived in Salisbury and it's a great city with loads of amenities. However it has the grammar/comprehensive system which can be a nightmare - very competitive. That put us off moving there and I don't regret it. Good luck with your move.

Clareaf2 Fri 11-Jan-13 20:39:23

We moved from fleet to Corsham about 8 years ago. Corsham is 10 miles from Bath and is a lovely town. All the benefits of Bath (bring close by) but without the price tag and the horrible traffic. Primary and secondary schools are all good too, lovely countryside all around and a nice town, Bristol is about a 30/40 mins drive away. Also it's about 10mins to the M4, depending on traffic Fleet is about an hour and 20mins away (if my memory serves me correctly!)

Good luck!


azza30 Thu 10-Jan-13 16:20:49

Hello everyone! First time poster here so please be gentle!! We currently live in Edinburgh after moving from N E Hants 4 years ago. Edinburgh is amazing (apart from the weather!), but we now have a 18month DS, so we want to move back down south to be nearer family who are all Fleet/ Guildford way!! Saying goodbye is just too hard and not fair on DS too not ever see family!

The problem is after experiencing Edinburgh, we do not want to go back to gloomy hants/ guildford way! We want somewhere that is safe to bring up DS, but has some of things we've grown accustomed too! (But we don't expect a castle on our doorstep!) We did think about at Bath, but this is probably too expensive.

How about Salisbury? It looks nice architecturally but has it got anything else??
Swindon? What about the north of the county??

Any comments really appreciated.


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