Looking for mummy friends in Swindon

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JorjasMummy Sun 29-Jan-12 20:43:08

Hi I'm Lou from Swindon, I have an almost 18th month old girl, whose very active and loves nothing more than running around all day. She loves playing with other children, shes alot more outgoing than me lol.
We enjoy getting out and about when we can and on nice days we enjoy a nice walk.
We're hoping to start going swimming as we havent been that often and would love someone to go with.

Emmalouise258 Thu 02-Feb-12 13:53:42

*Hello lou,
My name is Emma 23, I live in Abbey Meads with my son 8
month old. I have taken him swimming before and he loved it, We would like to go swimming with you

Tinydesignermum Sun 20-Jan-13 00:53:10

Hi emma, this is a reply to you. Bit of a long time since you posted so don't know if you'll get this. I'm 23, living near town with my 10 month old son. We'd love to get out more and I'd really like to meet new friends cos I don't know many people in the area.

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