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artemis95 Thu 29-Dec-11 14:02:39

Hello, I'm beginning to think that i need to return to work but i'm not sure that i want to go back to role pre DS (aged 14 months), as this motherhood thing changes you! I know its not the best time for looking but i need something more stimulating than shelf-stacking (done my fair share in the past!), and the morgage is hanging heavy. Has anyone any suggestions of support with this for Mums. Does anyone know anything about the programme advertised as running in Salisbury? Yours in anticipation...........

firsranch Thu 29-Dec-11 15:01:03

Hi, Do you mean the women returners programme being held at Sarum College? one of my friends is booked to go on that programme. We both had a leaflet home and it looks perfect if you're undecided about what you want to do when you go back to work. My friend was also feeling a bit worried about her skills and confidence as she's been out of work for a few years, so she's hoping this programme will help her. I'm not sure what else is around for mums in Salisbury- have you tried the job centre? I suspect they only help people registered unemployed though.

artemis95 Thu 29-Dec-11 16:07:02

Hi Firsranch. Thank you! thats helpful. Its difficult to know who to trust regarding companies promising to solve all you problems (esp for money!), when you know you really need to be supported to solve them yourself. Not sure Job Centre quite up my street.......... did look there at end of last year but nothing local seemed to fit with kids n commitments and wasnt sure exactly what i was looking for ............ Think I might give them a call. has anyone elseHactually done a programme with them?

firsranch Mon 02-Jan-12 16:09:04

Hi, no problem. I know what you mean about companies and promises they make! I suspect this won't be the case here as the workshops look like they are aimed at helping women figure out the right options and choices for themselves. Did you take a look at their website yet? Also, I saw they had a mention in the Salisbury journal this week....looks like they are genuine at least.

ErnestineB Mon 02-Jan-12 17:56:46

Hi Artemis and Firsranch, is it OK to just join in with this chat? I haven't been on the Women Returning to Work programme but I've had some coaching from the same company which I found really useful. A friend of mine has had some maternity one-to-one coaching and she recommended them to me. Hope this helps!

artemis95 Tue 03-Jan-12 16:11:21

Guess what? Still haven't called company yet! where does the time go............! Thank you both of you. Nice to know that a company is advertising in local hardcopy as well as the you say, makes it more 'real'. & ErnestineB that is VERY helpful info. May I ask you what it meant to you to 'have some coaching' from them? Am deeply interested....!

ErnestineB Sun 08-Jan-12 13:06:53

Hi Artemis, The coaching I had helped me to tackle issues I was struggling with around low levels of confidence. The sessions helped me to clarify what I really wanted and then go for it in a planned and effective way. I found the woman I worked with was really professional and supportive. I would use them again, definitely.

artemis95 Tue 24-Jan-12 22:55:26

Hiya. Thank you for all your input. By the time I called the co. the course was full.... Oh! Have instead begun one to one coaching with one of the facilitators. Seems nice .......... Only had one session so will keep you updated. Not sure how it will work over the telephone but we covered a lot of ground in the time so am v hopeful.

Heddwch Sat 06-Apr-13 21:16:12

Has anyone been following the debate about how this govt isn't really valuing mums to look after their own babies and children in the pre-school years rather than putting them into nurseries too early - it's such a shame really that family time is being so eroded when the early years are so special and pass so quickly.

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