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SardineJam Sat 05-Nov-11 09:13:09

I'm posting from my phone so cant link to anywhere unfortunately but if you google children's centres swindon, you should be given a result on the borough website and they have all the contact details and links to your nearest centres if thats any help

SardineJam Sat 05-Nov-11 09:05:07

Not sure where you are in Swindon but I think if you get in contact with your local SureStart centre, that would be a start. My local one is the Croft centre in Old Town and they often have things advertised there - I think for childminders mainly but its worth giving a call

lifenhancing1 Sat 05-Nov-11 08:52:35

Hi I was wondering if there is a place on this local site where parents advertise if they need child care/Nanny or if someone could tell me where Nannys can advertise their availability locally, as I work as a Part-time Nanny in Swindon and within a radius of a 30 minute drive from Swindon and I have over Twenty yrs experience and I have just been made redundant, hence wanting to advertice that I am now available for part- time work,

It would be fantastic if some one could help me with this question,

I look forward to hearing from you,


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