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Dotty342kids Tue 27-Sep-11 13:23:30

Hi everyone,

My DH and I are thinking of possibly moving to Salisbury to be nearer to his work so I'd like to pick your brains if poss?
Where are the nice / not so nice areas to live? Is Bishopsdown Farm a huge impersonal estate or is it actually quite nice (there appear to be lots of houses for sale around there!).
My children are 8 and 6 so what primary schools would you recommend / avoid?
Does Salisbury still operate the 11+ system and if so, what are your views on the grammars v the other schools on offer?
Phew, think had better leave it at that for now but really lookign forward to chatting with some of you!

lindsey077 Tue 11-Oct-11 17:13:06

Salisbury is my closest city & I spend a lot of time there although I'm not a resident - I'll tell you what I know!
Bishopsdown Farm is all quite new build and has increased in size quite quickly in the last few years, however it's not a bad area and I'd not rule out living there. Wilton and Harnham are suburbs and both nice. The city itself is also lovely. To be honest the only area I'd totally rule out is Bermerton Heath.
I've heard good things about St Marks school but as I live outside the city I don't know all of the schools. Come and join me in the sticks - our local school is brilliant! (New Forest Primary)
Salisbury does operate 11+ - both grammar schools (single sex) are excellent but competition is tough & a lot of parents get tutors to get their kids in. You'd have to research the other senior schools as I have no idea.
HTH a little bit, good luck with your move, Salisbury is an absolutely lovely city & we plan to move there once my children have finished primary.

BabysitterSalisbury Tue 18-Oct-11 16:35:05

Hi I live in Shrewton about 14 miles from Salisbury and travel there on week days to take my oldest 2 to South Wilts Grammar School (they are in year 12 & 13)
My other 2 go to Lavington School opposite direction of about 8 miles on the bus. I can not rate Lavington School highly enough. My eldest got 11As (5 of which were A*) at GCSE, The next one got 6 As (3 of which were A*) and 5 Bs.
The 2 still at Secondary school obviously haven't taken GCSEs yet, but they really like the school and it's ethos.
I have lived here for 35 years after being an army child and moving all over the world. Speaks for it's self that I never moved smile
Let me know if you need a babysitter.
The city has lots to see and do and some okay shops.

Dotty342kids Mon 24-Oct-11 13:50:58

Aw, thanks for getting back to me everyone.
I think we're looking at Downton (cos of the secondary school there! not sure I can face the whole 11+ situation!) or Winterslow. Or, if I feel brave enough then Salisbury itself as it does seem really nice.
The children are currently distraught at the idea of moving so I'm comiing down on Friday to meet up with an old friend and her children and take them all swimming in an effort to entice mine a little bit.
Babysitter - thanks for the offer!!

lindsey077 Tue 15-Nov-11 13:18:39

I went to Downton Secondary - it's much improved over the years and friends with secondary age children are really happy with it, it has had a lot of funding recently and big investment in the arts/sports side of things. If you were to move to that area then your children can still sit their 11+ if you feel they'd benefit, it's in the catchment for the grammars. Catchment for The Trafalgar School stretches from Alderbury, Whiteparish, Landford, Nomansland, Redlynch, Lover, Britford and lots of places in between so if that's the school you want then there's a wide range of options for places to live.
Downton itself is a lovely village too, my best friends live there.
I hope you got on OK with your swimming trip and that your children are feeling a bit more positive about things now.

Dotty342kids Tue 22-Nov-11 22:00:34

hi guys,

Yes, I'd love mine to go to the Trafalgar School but as we're likely to live in Salisbury itself then I'm not sure we'll be in catchment for it. Sadly no housing that we can afford in Downton itself!
Swimming trip went well and kids have at least stopped crying every time we mention the move so that's progress of a sort.
Our house going on market straight after Christmas so we'll see what happens then!
I spend half my life on rightmove at the moment but no point coming to look at any properties till we've got a buyer ourselves.
in the meantime though, if any of you hear about anyone selling a four bed house in or around Salisbury please do feel free to pm me!

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