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MrsWeasley Fri 15-Apr-11 18:07:18

Highworth has several mum and toddler groups.
The JaM Club at the methodist Church on a Friday morning.
Highworth Pre-school at the new Ladybird centre (at Westrop school) has a M&t group. The Rec have mini gym type activities.

Hope you find something to help. I have a 12 year old DD but no little ones anymore

youngjoly Fri 15-Apr-11 17:58:31

Not a baby group, but have you tried the Gymnastics at Esprit? They do a mother and baby class where you help your children. I got talking to a few mums through that and now see some socially. My DD started younger than yours, and I found it easier than toddler groups, as it was a smaller number of mums there. You could take your 19month child, and just take your youngest along for the ride.

mufti Sat 09-Apr-11 09:36:52

upper stratton baptist church has a mum and baby group , and a parent and toddler group, see website for details

bubblebabeuk Thu 07-Apr-11 09:14:42

I am a newly single mum (33) and have three children DD1 aged 12, DD2 19 months and DS1 9 months, am looking to make some new friends ideally with similar aged children. anyone near me?

Or can anyone suggest good mum and baby groups perhaps, I've been to the one at Lava lounge on a friday, but its so much hassel getting into town with my little ones in tow, and if I'm honest I'm kind of shy and worry I won't fit in. Don't you just love the effect getting Divorced has on your confidence

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