Swindon locals can you help me?

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RitaMorgan Fri 25-Mar-11 20:54:22

I was wondering what the Upper Stratton area is like, does anyone know it?

theanimalswentintwobytwo Fri 25-Mar-11 22:37:16

It's rough.

I used to live in Penhill which borders Upper Stratton. Its a poor, deprived area, with a higher than average crime rate, and a high unemployment rate. I was always scared of drunk/stoned adults and children/teens on the street shock

Sorry, but Its best to be honest. I would look the other side of swindon TBH, Toothill, westlea or freshbrook are much better areas.

ExpectoPatronum Fri 01-Apr-11 00:09:00

Sorry, don't agree at all.

Yes, Penhill is rough. Really rough.

Meadowcroft (council area in Upper Stratton) has occasional bother.

But there are loads of really nice bits of Upper Stratton - St Philip's Road, Farrfield, Cloche Way, Hermitage Road (Lane?), Dores Road, all pleasant family areas. Some nice family houses along Headlands Grove too, although the top end of the road joins a busy main road and rougher area.

There are some pleasant parts of West Swindon (the areas that the other poster suggests), but some bits of Toothill and Freshbrook are really rough too.

youngjoly Fri 01-Apr-11 18:16:24

Sorry, have to snort at the idea that West Swindon is better than East Swindon! Usually house prices in East Swindon are more expensive than West Swindon, and there are some very dodgy parts over there!

Upper Stratton is, as Expecto says, varied in its housing.

Meadowcroft, Ruskin Avenue and Hathaway Road are all Ex council areas (Hathaway road was a mix of council and private), so house prices tend to be lower in these areas. Around Meadowcroft, you have private 1970s housing such as Farrfield, Cloche way etc. On the other side of the crossroads, you have 1990s private houses such as Willowbrook. A quick check on rightmove says you're looking at 180k for a 3 bed detached there, but they are quite smallish houses.

Moving in closer to Stratton St Margaret, you've got Kingsdown park, but you'll need about 200K for a 3 bed detached there. houses there are 1980s, so that little bit bigger.

If you are looking at Stratton, you would be better looking at Stratton St Margaret which is nicer. If you look at the Grange Drive area, you're looking at between 180k for a small 3 bed semi to 240k for a large semi. These are all 1950s houses, so bigger gardens etc and they do usually sell well. However, somewhere like Stratone Village has 1990s housing and is more affordable. You'll be looking at £190k for a 3 bed detached. Similar sort of prices for Covingham too.

However, you can get more for your money in West Swindon. There are nicer bits, like Shaw Ridge (thinking Bramptons, very expensive!), but you can get an average 4 bed detached in West Swindon for about 200k. You wouldn't in Stratton unless it is on a main road, or is a semi / ex council or other significant reason!

A quick look on Rightmove at 4 bed detached houses (not new builds) in Swindon for less than 210k, shows that there are 11 houses in West Swindon, 11 in North Swindon (In that I've included Woodhall Park, which is kind of between North / West but not really either), 1 in Covingham, 1 in Liden, and 1 in Stratton (that says it needs major updating!).

If you do look at East Swindon, do be aware that unlike West Swindon, which was all built in the 80s when I was little (I remember it all being fields!!), East Swindon has been developed over many years and so is very varied. Stratton has some Victorian Housing, lots of 1950s housing, and Eldene / Liden / Nythe is 1970s, Covingham is 1970s / 1990s and so on. Also, if you do go for east Swindon, do be aware of the new proposal of new housing of 10,000 houses out towards Shrivenham. I think that will create major issues for the infra structure out that side of town.


youngjoly Fri 01-Apr-11 18:19:15

PS Avoid Penhill, and anything too close to it, like Gorse Hill which likes to call itself Stratton, but isn't really :-)

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