Calne mums, looking for things to do/make new friends

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BellasYummyMummy Wed 09-Feb-11 14:11:59

Hi! I live in calne and have 2 daughters; 2ys 10 months and an 11 month old.
I've recently handed my notice in at work so am at home all the time, and looking for groups or something to join and become a part of. I also really want to make some close friends and just start to feel a part of the community.
If you're in the same boat or have any ideas I'd love to hear from you!
laura x

Cher87 Tue 22-Feb-11 20:28:13

Hi, I dont live in calne anymore but that is where Im from! I go to a tots and dots group on a thursday with my sister in the gospal hall on oxford road which is a nice group.

Are you new to the area?

TettyLouBar Fri 25-Feb-11 21:26:21

Hi there Bellasyummymummy I'm in Lyneham, Have a 2y8mo, and 4 week old. Would love to meet up for coffee? grin

emmybooboo Thu 24-Mar-11 19:27:58

If you have found any groups yet, I'd be interested to know. I'm in Calne daily, and looking for things to do in this area, especially during school hours with wee ones.

Carolynbabycalm Sat 26-Jan-13 14:11:15

Hello there I'm in Calne as well but my 2 aged 5 and 7 are now both at school I do know that there is a baby groupat Marden house which is down by the library I'm not sure what day it is though and also there are some activities in the library as well smile I know this because I'm researching this for my business I have just finished my training to becoma a baby massage instructor and am trying to get my classes off the ground so if you know of anyone that would like to do some classes that would be fab ;) oooh I would also try the Childrens centre ans they always have lots going on. now how do I post my own thread on here ?? any ideas LOL

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