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michdi Thu 07-Oct-10 22:25:52


My husband and I moved to Salisbury in April with our 2 boys. They are 3 and 16 months. We are starting to look at schools for next September. We are renting and currently live in the Harnham area. We are very much away from a family type of community and wondering whether to move to Bishopdown Farm. We have had a drive round and it looks great for kids and the school seems great from the Ofsted report. Can anyone give me their opinion. Is it a good place to live? Is the school good? I'm not just interested in results, but whether he will be happy and cared for. Thanks in advance. I really am interested in anyone's opinions. We want to live somewhere where we will feel part of the community and get to know people.
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BarOne Wed 27-Oct-10 14:04:25

Yep it's great place to live espec with small children. The school is great and well deserving of its Ofsted report. One of the best things is the balance in the number of male teachers there- currently four.

It's safe and everyone tends to know each other's kids. Trick or treating for example is really pleasant affair.
Kids tend to play out on the central Green where they can be seen easily; I've found it easy with mine to let them go off and play and told then to stay on the Green - and they do.
Hope this helps

xanderer Mon 24-Jan-11 09:56:44

I have lived on Bishopdown and moved. There are boy racers in the evening - one man was killed some years ago by hit and run on the estate. Also school had been vandalised. Lots of working parents and they are about to build huge housing estate - also you are far from the town centre. However the area is seen as desirable and it probably has just as many plus points - school i smeant to be good. Consider castle road area or if you don't mind city living the area near the green in town - estcourt road area. The Infants school for these areas is the same and has good community - can get churchy and mums can be intense but very pleasant. Salisbury is a small place and you have to have your own personal space imo - esp if there has been a fall out between children at school so bear that in mind if you choose to live in estcourt road or bishopdown farm as you often live in the same street as other families.
Children do well academically and come from good homes. Lots of clubs etc...Junior school is well run and they stream - some of the children do very well academically and they have a strong broad curriculum.
Beware grammar schools very difficult to get into as children have wide catchment and lots of privately educated.

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