Did you give birth in RAEI?

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Bellared Tue 17-Nov-09 22:14:15

What was your experience of it if you did?

gemmac1 Wed 18-Nov-09 08:17:43

Hi Bellared, I gave birth there in August. I couldnt fault the delivery side of it. The staff were absolutely fantastic. My midwife was with me throught the whole thing and made me feel really at ease and relaxed, however it was a completly different story once I was on the ward!!!

Have you given birth there too?

alkar Wed 18-Nov-09 10:52:03

Agree with Gemma. Midwife who was with me in labour was fab but on the ward - not so good!

I work at RAEI but no special treatment wink

gemmac1 Wed 18-Nov-09 12:14:07

As soon as I got moved to the ward i was just left to it, wasnt even shown where the toilet etc was. I also asked the midwifes/nurses for help breastfeeding onm several occasions only to be told they were too busy. I also asked somebody to show me how to bath my dd as I had never had any experience with babies, the nurses reply was " Well you had better learn hadnt you".

The way in which I was treated on the ward was awful and I spent the whole night in tears.

BethAndHerBrood Wed 18-Nov-09 12:43:51

I had DS2 there, elective section. Delivery was ok, they whisked him away and left him under a lamp thing on his own, which worried me. The docs had a right old chinwag to each other while they were delivering him, ignored me and DH.

Was left to it on the ward, missed meals because I couldn't walk to dining room. The bathroom was dirty, DH cleaned it for me before I used it.

I discharged myself the next day. DS2 is gorgeous, that's all that matters. smile

gemmac1 Wed 18-Nov-09 12:47:21

If I ever have another I would consider going home as soon as I had given birth!!!

Bellared Wed 18-Nov-09 21:55:04

Yeah, I could not fault most of the staff especially the ones in the delivery suite, they were great and so were all the students. It was back on the ward that I was traumatized upset about. They spoke to the Dad's like they were evil and kicked out at almost every opportunity. I went in on Tuesday to be induced and left pretty much to it in pain without relief for 2 days. It was only after DH shouted at the Midwife to give me pain relief that I got any. They kept on saying for about 10-12 hours that they were going to break my waters (this was after another Pessary or 2, I cant remember how many more) and never did. I was basically left to it in pain until the Friday night when my waters eventually broke themselves. Because of all that I felt totally upset and not how I expected childbirth to be. I also really wanted to breastfeed DS when he was born but he came out sideways and swallowed a load of mucous so was not interested in feeding for about 24hrs and even then it was only a few mls here and there. One of the midwives shouted at me for not making him feed and boomed that she didn't want anymore in SCBU.

Next time it's a home birth!!

Sounds like we've been left with our expectations shattered of what should have been a fantastic experience.

Did your DH/DP's get treated the same?

alkar Thu 19-Nov-09 07:50:08

I can't believe that everyones experience has been the same. I had an emergency cs and when I was in pain and couldn't move afterwards I was told it will hurt just get on with it angry

And yes DH was treated the same. I got a private room cos I work in the hospital but not sure if that was a blessing or not. We were just left to it.

Been on rainbow with DS a few times too and that hasn't been much better either

Bellared Thu 19-Nov-09 20:23:49

I've been on Rainbow once. DS has really horrid Colic once we got home and as he is our 1st I thought it was something more. When we got on the ward we signed in at reception and then got forgot about until about 2 hours later I asked what was going on as other people had been seen first.

Then there was the school bell at the end of visits.......

waitingformybaby Sat 26-Dec-09 15:03:34

I am booked in at RAEI, wish me luck!

alkar Sat 02-Jan-10 08:40:18

When are you due?

Bellared Sat 02-Jan-10 14:53:10

Good luck to you wfmb!

Willow15 Tue 12-Jan-10 14:32:21

I work for Wigan Borough Local Involvement Network (LINk) and have just been reading through the thread. There is a LINk in every local authority area across England who are independent of any other body and are made up of individuals and community groups working together to inmprove local health and social care servies. The job of the LINk is to find out what people like and dislike about these services and work with the people who run and plan them to make them better.

The role of the LINk is to influence the way YOUR local services are run and you comments are all obviously true life experiences which the hospital need to be made aware of. If any of you are interested in sharing your information confidentially I would be happy to set up a small meeting/coffee morning(or afternoon)(travel expenses paid) to discuss your concerns - yoru babies would be very welcome. If you prefer to speak to me please ring Karen on 01942 705839 or e-mail k.wilson@carersfederation.co.uk

alkar Tue 12-Jan-10 19:03:40

I'm happy to share my experience Karen

cupcake22 Wed 13-Jan-10 14:26:54

I gave birth to my last 2 children at Wigan and i have only praise for all the staff on maternity ward. Even though it is a very busy ward, i was never refused pain relief and was given lots of support with breastfeeding. My partner was allowed to stay ALL day, just leaving at meal rimes.
What more can you ask for? Well done Wigan.

gemmac1 Thu 14-Jan-10 13:23:24

Cupcake22, are you sure it was Wigan you gave birth at? When I asked for help breastfeeding I was told just to give my baby a bottle!!!! One was also given to her by the nurses without my permission whilst I slept.

Willow15 Thu 14-Jan-10 14:35:51

HI Alkar, thanks for your interest. Would you like to come over to my office in Wigan Investment Centre or would you prefer me to meet you at home or somewhere neutral. Also, if you know of anyone who would like to join us for a discussion just let me know. It would help if you could e-mail me on k.wilson@carersfederation.co.uk

cupcake22 Fri 15-Jan-10 01:32:39

gemmac1 - yes i am sure. Are you sure it was Wigan?
There is no `perfect` people and i`m sure you aren`t perfect as i am not. Did you raise your concerns at the time? My exerience was excellent.
As for breastfeeding - I had fantastic help and support and other ladies in the room with me also had great care and help.
These days i think people want blood but credit where credit is due and i would be happy to share my views as well.

gemmac1 Tue 19-Jan-10 09:10:11

Cupcake22, I was the only person on the bay that was breastfeeding so nobody else was able to help. I was in no way saying anbody is perfect but I didnt agree with my dd being given a bottle without my permission. I did speak to the staff at the time but was told that they didnt have time to sit with people and show them how to do things and that I should speak to my community midwifes when i got home. If It hadnt been for the help of my excellent community midwifes I would have given up on breastfeeding altogether.

I have no critisicm of the delviery side at Wigan as my experience of this was excellent, but I felt like the post delivery ward staff were more concerned with sitting having a brew and a chat in the office than speaking to people and helping them.

gemmac1 Tue 19-Jan-10 09:11:43

It may have been an issue that has now since been resolved as I did mention it to my community midwife and she told me that nearly everbody she had been to see that week had similar issues and she was going in to see the staff at Wigan regarding this.

Loubylou7 Thu 21-Jan-10 17:22:25

I am really shocked at all the negative comments about the staff at RAEI. My sister and I have both given birth there twice each and I couldn't praise them enough.

My DH was with me all the time, apart from meal times. Which I didn't understand when someone said dining room? There wasn't a dining room there we all ate at our beds?

The breastfeeding advice was so helpful and I came away feeling so confident that I kept it up for two years.

I did find there were lots of women and only a few midwives, but if I was going to have another baby, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I hope they all loved the chocolates we left them

cupcake22 Fri 22-Jan-10 10:42:54

Wow! That sounds very unprofessional of that community midwife. How many visits at home did you have by the community midwife? I only had 3 and to be honest i rang the ward for help with breastfeeding as i couldn`t speak to a community midwife.

On the delivery ward i think it is much easier to find time to talk to your midwife as that midwife only has one woman to look after. The ward was full when i was in and one midwife said she had 9 women to look after and they all had a baby with them. So really 18 people to look after and she still made time to help me.

Loubylou7 - i am glad you also had a good experience.

baby2010boo Mon 01-Feb-10 23:32:16

Hi everyone I too recently gave birth at RAEI (well quiet a few months ago now) and like you have all said the delivery midwife was lovely and can understand what you are saying about the staff on the maternity ward. But now I have time to think about what had happened, the delivery midwife was with me all the time (she was really good) but she was only looking after me, I had to stay in for a few days as my baby had bloods taken (on the maternity ward) and the midwives didnt have one woman to look after, one afternoon I asked a midwife how many women she was caring for and she told me 15, but that was 15 baby's too!!!! could you imagine having to get around 15 women and their babys and give them as good care as we all semmed to have had on the delivery suite. I think the problem is that there is not enough staff on the maternity side/bit and more are needed to helpwith the work load the midwives on the maternity ward seem to have. My midwife on the maternity ward was fab so so lovely but she never stopped, she was in and out of the bay and i feel sorry for her, I didnt want to ask her for anything as I could see how busy she was, but when I did need help with my breastfeeding one night the midwife sat with me and talked me through my position, i had the same problem the next mornign and another midwife went through the same stuff with me again. I am sure it would be much easier for the midwife to be on the delivery side looking after just me and not all the other women too. I say this all now as I have had time to look back on what was going on, it wasnt as if the midwives on the maternity ward were ever just sat around. And there was only one midwife there who was ever a bit "off" with people and seemed to shout a lot.

And personally I think visiting should be changes so that partners can stay in to help their wives/partners but other visitors should not be able to visit as much as I was so tired and i did not want to breastfeed my baby whilst my husbands family were there, now I am at home still breastfeeding and when someone comes to visit I can go up to the bedroom to feed, I could not have done that in the hospital.

baby2010boo Mon 01-Feb-10 23:35:43

I was also induced Gemma and I was never refused pain killers, i had tablets at first and then i had an injection and there was another woman being induced at the same time as me and she had the same, I had had my baby and unfortunatly for her she was still having to have more tablets and she also had to wait to have her waters broken but she had to wait because the labour ward was busy and if you think about it how bad would it be to do something like that when it is too busy I really agree with you cupcake

baby2010boo Mon 01-Feb-10 23:39:41

I am glad there are some positive experiences being posted now, as we are planning are next babay and was getting a bit worried then, but honestly I would not go anywhere else as i do not think you could get any better care. I too only has 3 visits from the community midwife and she was only there for about 10 minutes, so I could not have had any breastfeeding support from her in that time, she only had time to check us both over

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