do you know anyone who might want to buy my house?

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canella Tue 24-Mar-09 08:27:01

last time

canella Tue 24-Mar-09 08:25:44

oh i'm rubbish at doing this website link thing
Try again

canella Tue 24-Mar-09 08:24:53

[[ ]]

canella Tue 24-Mar-09 08:23:51

we've moved abroad and were thinking of renting our house out but the tenant fell thro so now decided to put it on the market to sell!!

i loved living in this house - never wanted to move anywhere else in wigan - its in the quietest cul-de-sac with views to farmland and quite often sheep grazing in the field at the ned of the road!!

we're now abroad so no chain and any reasonable offers would be considered!!

Its going on the market this week for £185,000 - a bargain i think for a 4 bedroomed house with 3 bathrooms!!

tell anyone you know!!

Thank you

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