Moving to Chichester - what are the good primary schools?

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George25 Mon 13-Jul-15 22:07:17

Hi, I'm moving to Chichester area and need to get my 3 kids into a decent school, school years R, 3 and 6. I've called Jessie Younghusband and Aldingbourne and they are full with waiting lists. The only schools I can get all 3 into are Kingsham and Central, both have poor Ofsted reports. Does anyone know if these schools are any good?

Any feedback gladly received! Thank you

iswhatitis Mon 10-Aug-15 07:13:57

Does anyone have any advice on which Beaver groups are good/ friendly in the Bognor area? My son is keen to join a group,he is just 6 yo but none of his school friends are in any local groups. Big brothers went to popular group in Chichester but they currently have a 2 year waiting list! Am trying to find a friendly group that do plenty of exciting stuff - any advice gratefully received!

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