Moving to west Sussex from London and no idea what bit to go to!

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Confusedandmixedup Sun 13-Jul-14 14:12:07

We will be renting so limited as to what comes up in the next month
We are leaving Sutton to make the move and although we have family in Chichester we need to remain within an "RH " postcode for my husbands work.
Any recommendations?
We currently have viewings lined up for pulborough, haywards Heath and burgess hill smile

liney80 Tue 15-Jul-14 16:25:05

Hello! I was born and raised in Haywards Heath! I lived in London for about eight years and have returned to HH because it's near my parents and sister and it's a good place to live for commuting to London, is surrounded by countryside and has good schools.

However, it's not a very exciting town to live in! I would definitely look at Horsham. It has good train links to London and is a lovely market town with lots of shops, restaurants/pubs and a cinema. I think the schools are supposed to be good too - especially the girls school, which is state run but gets amazing results.

If you want the Haywards Heath train line then the village of Lindfield (very near HH) is beautiful. Small but it has character and is about 20-25 minutes walk to the station depending on where you live.

Good luck!

samanthavandalen Tue 29-Jul-14 11:39:39

Hello there, I've lived in the area for twenty years and am also a relocation agent. If you need help finding a place to rent or buy, do let me know. Be delighted! I'm also organising an art festival in Sussex as I write this...

chappedhands Tue 12-Aug-14 17:20:48

I live in Billingshurst, next village up from Pulborough. Personally I would look at Horsham. It has won national awards as the best town in England. Its town centre is very pretty, with lovely amenities including a garden that could be Hyde Park. It is going upmarket all the time but West Sussex is not a snobby place. It is impeccably clean. There are three secondary schools with excellent reputations, particularly Millias, a girl's school with a national profile. I especially urge you to consider Horsham if you plan to travel by train to London as the commutes down the line from Horsham have become longer and more dreary as the years have rolled by. You can get to Victoria in about 50 minutes from Horsham. For everyone further down the line, Southern Railway has imposed a 10 minute delay in Horsham while two trains are joined together. Sounds small, but adds 20 critical minutes to overlong train rides. For us, just 6 miles from Horsham, my husband could cut 40 minutes off of his daily commute by living in Horsham. Be careful with transport in our part of the world: the trains tend to run slow and there is only one track so any problems are a sure delay.
This part of West Sussex is utterly brilliant as far as countryside is concerned. Be warned is a very conservative population and you will have to travel to Lewes or Brighton to get to liberal lifestyles. The people can be parochial and many don't like 'outsiders' -- non-Sussex. There is little ethnic diversity. The Weald School, located in Billingshurst but covering Pulborough as well has had a longer term excellent reputation, although people are not happy with the current head. Staff and students are quite dismayed by him, but the teaching is excellent. It remains a good school, and the primary schools are good as well. Major shopping is also a dilemma around here: its 45 minutes to Brighton, 45 to Chichester, 45 to Guildford and over an hour to Kingston. Very annoying.

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