Worthing? East Preston? Angmering? Aaarrrgh!

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starbo Sun 29-Sep-13 21:37:33

Hello West Sussex, I need a little help!

We just moved to gorgeous Sussex from Denver, Colorado (DH is American, I'm from here, long story...) Anyway, we are happily settled here now but currently living in Henfield and finding it super expensive. We own our home in Denver and will be selling in a couple of years to buy here but until then we are looking to find a really lovely place to call home and somewhere where 4 year old DS can start school. We want to really get involved with our new community, meet other Mums, find a great primary and eventually settle- no pressure then!

As Henfield/ Steyning so pricey I have started to look around West Worthing (Heene school??) and further out to East Preston (an amazing rental over there- but is it really cut off?) Does anyone have any experience of these areas? Live over there? Have children in school? It would be so helpful to hear and to hear if there are any meetups going on (I did read back quite a way, looks like a few folk around)

Many, many thanks for your help.

EPMum Mon 21-Oct-13 15:25:01

Hi there! Not sure if you will still get this message...I think East Preston is lovely and not cut off at all. We have Angmering as our local train station, which makes London, Worthing, Chichester and Brighton all easily accessible. Rustington is in walking distance and we have a good (but somewhat expensive) bus service. East Preston Infants school is a great school, as is the separate Junior school. Hope that's a help to start with?

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