Can't afford the Brighton and Hove area anymore...

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stepmummy Sun 07-Apr-13 15:48:39

Hello everyone,
My husband and I currently live in Hove and are renting at the moment. We are finding the cost of renting in Brighton and Hove and surrounding areas getting more and more expensive and we just dont think we can live nearby any more so we are looking to move.
I work in Crawley and love my job and intend to stay in my current job for a long time. My husband is freelance and can live anywhere.
We are looking to move somewhere commutable to Crawley that is affordable but has a train station and some pubs restaurants, shops etc. Has anyone got any suggestions of places that we could move to? Do you live somewhere that you would recommend?


MrsPatrickJane Sat 13-Apr-13 16:23:23

We got priced out of Hove ten years ago and the only reason we were still there then was because we were living above our pub. A bit of a shame really as dh and I are both Brightonians born and bred but there you go. Anyway, we are in Portslade atm which is a little cheaper and as far west as we could go without ds losing his place at his fab SN school. My sister (also renting) is in Lancing and she pays less rent than us for what is actually a nicer property. My mum is in Shoreham, lots of nice restaurants etc and the Ropetackle theatre which is very good (saw Pam Ayres there on Tues - excellent!) and of course the station is easily accessible. We often go to London from there rather than Portslade as the parking is much better.
Not sure if these are areas that might interest you though, it sounds as if you want to go a bit more inland/nearer to Crawley? Just didn't want you to be ignored smile.

stepmummy Sat 13-Apr-13 22:48:02

Thank you very much. We are finding that even portslade is becoming more and more expensive to rent too. We are thinking we might need to go inland. Disappointed as I am a brightonian too. Thank you for your reply x

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