anyone with insider knowledge about West Park school?

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pastypat Wed 13-Feb-13 15:29:38

Hi all, just posting on this following a worrying discussion with some people we know with a child in yr 4 at West Park. We moved into the area a little while ago, and our daughter is now at Elm Grove. However, she will be moving up into West Park in two and a half years' time, and our son will start reception there at the same time as we are no longer living in Elm Grove catchment. Then some people we know told us that their son, who moved from his beloved Elm Grove to West Park this September, hates WP, stating that his teacher shouts all the time, and it "isn't a nice school". This set alarm bells ringing, so looked up their most recent Ofsted report to find they've been downgraded from 2 to 3, and the report suggests a school in disarray. I see on their website that the Head has resigned, and they're looking for a replacement. So my question I suppose is, has this negative Ofsted result shaken things up there, and will there be major positive changes over the next couple of years, or should I be very worried about my kids going to such a huge, over-stretched school with what sounds like pretty disgruntled staff?? My daughter is loving Elm Grove, school, and learning so much that it seems a great pity if this was not to be nurtured further when she leaves.
And on completely separate note, suggestions about meeting people in this new area, and starting to build a social life greatly appreciated! Don't seem to really get chatting to other mums at the school gate, and would be nice to have people locally to do things with... x

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