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JoRho Wed 14-Nov-12 16:46:42

Hi there, I've posted this on the home/property forum here already and would like to ask whether anyone has advice on good areas to live in and around Horsham. I have one daughter (aged 8) and we will be moving back to the UK around April/May 2013. We live in Delft in The Netherlands, which is like a mini Amsterdam -a beautiful town, easy to get around (cycling and walking), but not a huge amount for kids to do outdoors (although lots of afterschool and weekend kid's activities/sports). What we are looking for is a good local community feel, somewhere we can walk or cycle to most places, but preferably not in the town centre or too rural (but want access to good parks, countryside etc). I know that is probably a lot to ask for! Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks a lot.

Joovylover Thu 06-Dec-12 08:18:26

A good country park can be found in Southwater, which is a large village just to the south of Horsham, it has a lovely village centre with good shops and lots of community activities. There are two schools in the village but I thinks they are both pretty full. Although you say not the Town Centre in Horsham, we actually have a lovely large central park with good children's play area, swimming pool and leisure facilities. Also it is easy to walk out into the countryside from the centre. Cycling isn't brilliant around the town, not very many cycle paths but still not too horrendous on most roads.

JoRho Fri 07-Dec-12 09:32:32

Ok, that's really helpful - thanks. Maybe being in town centre would be ok then...still so undecided, given that I haven't even been to Horsham before! I'll be having a look later this month...

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