Relocating - can't decide where! Littlehampton? Seaford? Bognor? Eastbourne?

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chanobear Wed 20-Jun-12 13:11:13

We currently live in Brighton and are looking to buy a house. It's too expensive here so we are considering these options - Littlehampton, Seaford, Bognor and Eastbourne. We have visited these areas and there seems to be good and bad things about each one - so we are in a bit of a pickle deciding. Work isn't a factor as we work from home.
Does anyone living in these areas have any advice? We want to stay by the sea while children are young, and want a decent primary school nearby as our little girl will need one in a couple of years. Also, a couple of mums groups would be good.
Thoughts please? It's my first post on mumsnet

hophophippidtyhop Mon 30-Jul-12 07:17:10

Have a look at Selsey? I live here and it's great for my dd's. My eldest goes to medmerry primary, there is also Seal school as well, though medmerry is smaller and has better ofsted report. It's quite a small town here, but you have chichester nearby. It's very friendly too and a bit cheaper than chichester. If you decide to look for a house here, there is a catchment area map on medmerry's website- children rarely get in outside of area. Also look at sidlesham( just up from selsey good school) witterings, bracklesham, bosham. I would personally steer clear of littlehampton, but rustington might be good. I don't know about the schools in these areas though.

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