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jessiecraigen Mon 23-Jan-12 15:17:40

I live in Burgess Hill and am a member of the local labour party. I am looking at local residents concerns and I would like to make contact with local parents as I am writing a short report on Burgess Hill parents concerns/views over education in the town.
We only recently moved to Burgess Hill and my four children went to primary, comprehensive and sixth form schools in Brighton so I have no experience of Burgess Hill schools.
I would like to get in touch with local parents who could email me any worries/concerns/satisfaction with local schools and the provison for their children during their time at school, primary, secondary and sixth form and when they leave. Anything that concerns you positively or negatively about local education. What are the key issues for parents in Burgess Hill.
Any information is welcome eg school places, etc. Generally what parents think of schools and educational opportunities in the town. Primary,nursery, secondary and sixth form provision, careers and training for school leavers. Trying to get the local view on local provision. does the town need a sixth form etc. in fact any views on local educational Whats good and what works and what doesn't.
Not going to identify any one in my feedback.
Please email me at
many many thanks

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