West Sussex primary school help please!

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kar2 Tue 22-Nov-11 15:53:38

Hi, am getting fairly stressed by choosing a school for my son. Has anyone first hand experience of Handcross, Warninglid or Staplefield? It would be great to get some reassurance before I explode! grin

Mumrah76 Thu 19-Sep-13 22:34:13

I know this is an old thread but it might be useful to someone else if I stick this on here now. Been there - done that on this decision and I have to say Warninglid all the way. If you want your child to be known by every member of staff, cared for,encouraged and challenged then this small village school is perfect. My ds attended a nursery at a private school and we could not afford the fees to continue into pre-prep - Warninglid was the next best thing. The attention my ds received was reassuring and the family atmosphere; refreshing. My intitial concerns were about the mixed age classes - my mind was quickly put at rest. My ds had older ones to look up to and when he was the oldest he thoroughly enjoyed his chance to lead!. All of the children across the year groups know each other and care for each other - totally unique and very different to my school experience! When the Warninglid children graduate to secondary they really do have a confidence that can only be gained through mixed age group classes. Have I said enough about this lovely school? I could go on. I don't have first hand experience of the others but if I had to make the decision again (and it is stressful) I would go for Warninglid. Hope that helps someone!

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